Editor in Chief

Editor in Chief

Angela "Bones" Bullock

Having grown up with an “ooh shiny” mentality, I have cast my net wide in terms of interests. I’m a writer, artist and fledgling musician. Doing a little bit of this, little bit of that, has led me to Will Eisner, Bob Dylan, and most important to me, Neil Gaiman. I find the idea of one form of storytelling too boring, and don’t want to be restricted. Each medium of storytelling gives you something unique. The pacing of comic panels, the prose of a short story, the melodic poetry of lyrics, all are distinct in how they affect the audience. I hope you enjoy my ramblings about them all here on the site. You can find my short stories on Medium and my day to day babbling @bullockbits on Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook and Instagram (WARNING: lots of cat and coffee pictures)

Staff Writer

Staff Writer

Nic Woolfe

Hello! My name is Nic Woolfe. I consider storytelling to be the most important tool human society has ever created. I’m also a big nerd, and love Marvel, DC, Dragonball, Power Rangers, Nintendo etc. My main goal is to talk about how the stories we consume are crafted. This can come in a variety of different ways, from delving into the themes the story talks about and how they’re explored to considering a “what if” scenario on how little wrinkles can make you see the story in a different way. I look forward to exploring the possibilities with you all!

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Contributing Editor

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This next to final contestant on Meet the Creators is Folly!!

My life and interests are at the intersections of feminism, queerness, and geek culture.

I enjoy audio dramas, webcomics, manga/anime, visual novel games. My favorite fictions could be described as “female-gaze.”

Comic creator, hobbyist romance novelist, occasional harmonica player, full-time disaster gay. Chaotic Good.

Uses the ojou-san laugh and “uwu” without irony.

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Mousa the 14

Artist, writer, singer, composer, and more. Mousa The 14 can do just about anything but find love. Born in Northern Virginia, raised in everywhere else in the world; Mousa is a jack of all trades in art and geekdom. This of course means he masters absolutely nothing. This cross-media obsession, however, does yield a point of view that refuses to be constrained to a single medium.

Primary life long love is superheroes and analyzing media, however has interests and knowledge in comics, cartoons, video games, anime/manga, some limited fantasy and sci-fi, a touch of movies, and a little bit of tabletop games.

If you so care to find this loser, well, here you go

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MG Marshall

The name’s M.G. Marshall. I’m a writer, actor, one-time stand up comedian and, as of now, a film critic. I’m also an incurable cinephile, horror fanatic, and devotee of all things trashy, campy, arcane, profane, or bizarre. I love to watch and discuss movies, whether it’s getting in-depth and analytical and discussing film theory, or marveling in astonishment at lunacy of a particularly deranged cult movie; although, I do find the latter of those two particularly amusing. Some days I’ll want to discuss works of great cinematic influence, or analyze the deeper themes and meaning in otherwise overlooked genre pictures. And some days, I’ll want nothing more than to just watch a cheesy action flick or a William Castle gimmick movie. I’d like to think I’m well-rounded in that way…