Taste, Style, and Ability in Comics: Bones

Style does not have to do with skill though. A creator still has to successfully communicate their story. The Marvel and DC pioneer Jack Kirby (Fantastic Four co-creator among many many others) eventually got to a highly stylized way of drawing, with big blocky figures and a lot of foreshortening. He did this to get what he wanted across, these powerful beings slugging it out, or the awe-inspiring presence of a god-like figure.

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Angela BullockComment
Diamond is forever, Comics are not: Mousa the 14

Despite superheroes being all the rage these days, superhero comics are barely part of the cultural conversation. If you ever have an opportunity, try asking some random non-geek people how many Marvel movies they’ve seen versus how many Marvel comics they’ve read. You will find that is probably one of the most disproportionate ratios you will ever see. Even I got my interest in superheroes from the wide variety of animated adaptations growing up before I had even owned my first ever Marvel comic.

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Mousa the 14
Countdown to Spiderverse: When to Stop Reading Comics: Nic

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been a Spider-Man fan. Whether it be the Raimi movies, the MCU, or The 90s Animated Series, Spider-Man’s been a part of my life. However, while I own a few trades centered around complete narratives, my exposure to Spidey, and superheroes in general, comes from adaptations. Superhero comics can be a very daunting commodity if you’re not prepared for it, so don’t blame yourself if the commitment turns you off.

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